808nm Diode Laser – The Gold Standard For Hair Removal

808nm Diode Laser
808nm Diode Laser

For a lot of women, shaving the excess hair on their bodies can seem like a full-time job. Not only is it time consuming, but it can also irritate the skin, particularly in sensitive areas such as the bikini line. And yes, there is always the option of waxing, but you still have to commit to a monthly appointment since waxing doesn’t deliver long-lasting results. Because hair grows in cycles, it may take anywhere from 3-5 treatments for full results, but once those results are reached, you never have to worry about unwanted hair again, right?

Diode laser hair removal device: The energy output is given uniformly and very evenly by the 14*14mm and big power 16*16mm2 top Micro-optics German LIMO Laser, The flash lamp produces very short, intense light pulses, which are absorbed by melanin, the pigment of the hair. The light is converted into heat energy in the hair root and effectively destroys these as well as the germ cells in the hair follicle. This permanently stops hair growth. The 808nm diode laser works with extremely short pulses at high energy. As a result, unwanted hair can be treated throughout the year, including the summer months, as well as all skin types I – VI (white to black skin).

Diode Laser Hair Removal

The key to Top Micro-optics German LIMO Laser Removal : To Remove Hair Papilla

Successful epilation needs the destruction of the hair papilla and not only that of the hair shaft and the follicle.

The melanin exists in high concentration both in the hair shaft, as well as in certain skin layers.

The application of the diode laser is based on the principle of absorption. The laser beam penetrates into the tissue in fractions of a second and is absorbed by the hair dye melanin in the hair root and converted into heat.

Ideal for the laser hair destruction is the anagen phase.

In this phase, the hair is connected to the papilla and is close to the surface.

If enough energy is released into the hair shaft, the damage will delay or even prevent hair growth.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Good choose the 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine:

Top Micro-optics German LIMO Laser

600W diode laser bars,2000W Output Power

Advanced Microchannel Cooling system

Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC)

15 Hours Continuous Working Time

SHR In motion Fast Hair Removal

Big Spot Size: 16*16mm2

10 million Shots Lifetime

Automatic Checking Alarming System



Treatment areas may be slightly red after your hair removal procedure, but this will improve within 24 hours. In general,  The treatments about a month apart in order to target all of the hair growth cycles, so you may need to return after 28 days for your next Diode laser  treatment.

Diode Laser Hair Removal